Security Overwatch

Experience self-healing and self-routing system capabilities, diligently monitoring the entire infrastructure for threats. By providing a dynamic and ever-changing target, we stay one step ahead of threat actors.


A cyber security solution that integrates with existing endpoint protection and firewalls, as well as our networking product, to monitor inbound and outbound traffic for malicious activity. It also monitors for connections to IPs that pose as friendly, but are a threat in disguise.​ Monitor all network activity and protect the perimeter from malicious connections while only allowing authorized connections to the internet and intranet.

Technical Specifications

  • Threat Intelligence
  • Integration with Networking
  • Integration with Existing Endpoint Protection
  • Enabling Zero Trust
  • Aggregating Log Files
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Monitoring Inbound & Outbound Connections
  • Largest Database of Malicious IPs