Natuv Inc. Range Day Marks a Remarkable Day of Unity and Collaboration

A Day of Community, Sportsmanship, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Natuv Inc. is thrilled to announce the resounding success of “Natuv Range Day,” a day of unity that took place on August 29th at the picturesque Las Vegas Metro Police Department Range.


This event brought together Native American law enforcement departments from all over the country along with defense industry representatives fostering camaraderie and promoting responsible firearm usage.


Natuv Range Day took place during the National Native American Law Enforcement Association’s (NNALEA) 30th annual training conference.


Natuv also participated in NNALEA, exhibiting with Walther and Black Rain Ordnance, and providing CLEET certified training with Paradigm Tactical Systems on less lethal advancement and deployment strategies.

Natuv Range Day featured a wide range of firearms, including Walther’s PDP line, Black Rain Ordnance’s BRO-SPEC-15 in various calibers and sizes, Patriot Sports 9mm Ammo, Paradigm Tactical Systems Long Range Less Lethal, B&T APC9 PRO SD Fully Auto, Zev Technologies Core Combat Elite Rifle kitted with Antimatter’s new scope switch, Desert Tech MDRX, and the Desert Tech HTI .50 cal.


“This event exemplifies the importance of continued support of Native American law enforcement and the sense of community that surrounds it,” said Devon Ekpenyong, Chief Operations Officer.


“It’s wonderful to see people coming together to celebrate our shared interests while emphasizing safety and the protection of our communities.” said one private investigator attendee.


Natuv Inc. extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, volunteers, sponsors, and partners who made Natuv Range Day a resounding success. Without your support, this event would not have been possible.

For more information about Natuv Range Day and to view event photos and videos, please visit or follow @natuvinc on your preferred social media platform.


About Natuv Inc.

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