Global Data Security

Experience a cutting-edge global file system featuring advanced deduplication and 100% immutability. Our solution goes further by incorporating Sharded encryption and robust browser/URL protection for enhanced security.


A true secure and encrypted global file system that can incorporate any storage array and any combination of structured and unstructured datastores into a single file system for all of your users. It is immutable and ransomware proof and eliminates the need for backups of files. Provide global, seamless access to unstructured data found across the organization. File-level shared encryption and a global Immutable File System (IFS) render ransomware ineffective.​

Technical Specifications

  • Global File System
  • Secure
  • Encrypted
  • Policy Controlled
  • Any File Mount
  • Any Storage Array
  • Any Object Store
  • Any Cloud for Storage
  • Mesh Topology for Files
  • Edge Caching & Access
  • Accelerated Access
  • Immutable
  • Web Accessible